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Mythic Skorpyron: Dead!

With the first week of Mythic complete, we emerge victorious against Skarner and 9/10 in Heroic with only Gul’dan left on the chopping block. A little disappointing we weren’t able to get AotC this week but it will die next week for certain, this only sets us back slightly in the mythic race, of which we have plenty of time to catch up. Everyone needs to study up on Gul’dan some more as well as Chronomatic Anomaly and Trilliax for sure.

Cutting Edge!

This guild was formed by myself and Fust in the beginning of Legion after a two expansion hiatus from WoW. When we started this guild, we weren’t sure what it would be, we didn’t know if it was just going to be a fun, casual thing, or something a little bit more serious. We were apprehensive to the idea of coming back to WoW and playing as hard as we used to, we knew how much of a commitment that used to be, but after we cleared Emerald Nightmare that first week on Normal in a PuG of course, we knew we couldn’t just settle for mediocre. So it started, we started looking for some Ace players. First we reached out to old guild members from when we raided at that high level you often hear us talking about. Not many takers but luckily Wado and Lemon came to our rescue, the four horseman of the guild. Next came Grump and Draukari, followed by Fuck JR, Cob, Phral, Valnor, Ginger, and Riot. This was the beginning.

Now look at us, we are 7/7 Mythic just moments before Nighthold releases and I’m sitting here more excited for the future than I have been for a long time. I have a lot of hope, I have a lot of faith in you all. You gave us a shot and for that I thank you, hopefully I can return the favor eventually. Going forward I’m hoping that we can be better than we ever thought possible. If you look at our progression in mythic EN, it took us a month to kill everything. Accounting for time spent not having 20 people, and the holidays, this tier basically took us 3-4 weeks which is on par for being considerably high in the US and on the server, so I just want you to know that us being “good” is much more achievable than you thought. Let’s get serious and kill some bosses.


We are the Dreamers.

Mythic Cenarius! We aren’t Trash!


Mythic Il’gynoth, Down!

Five bosses down.

Two to go.

Lets fucking go.

Safe Space

[01:03:21] [P] [Lemonsweets]: I am a Pan-dimensional tri-gendered nova galactic planet kin in the head space of a two spirited lesbian black woman who also believes shes a crippled native.
[01:03:32] [P] [Lemonsweets]: Please respect my pronouns
[01:03:47] [P] [Lemonsweets]: Please dont laugh
[01:03:49] [P] [Lemonsweets]: this is serious
[01:04:02] [P] [Lemonsweets]: I go by Pan/Panself

[01:05:03] [P] [Lemonsweets]: My favorite pastimes are blogging about being trans-fat activist and staunch feminist.

[01:05:48] [P] [Lemonsweets]: I love kitten pictures and some of my triggers include Pomegranetes sliced in two because they look like gore, and cis white males.


this is what this guild has become.

Heroic ToV

We killed Helya on heroic last night after she got the nerfbat on Tuesday. Pretty unfortunate seeing as we got her to 5% last week, but a kill is a kill. Now we have Emerald Nightmare to focus on before Nighthold comes out. We have three bosses left, and three weeks to kill them. Last night we were also able to make some progress on the evil tree and were consistently getting him into phase two, so hopefully after another solid night of attempts we should have him down. We are still looking for people to fill out our roster for Nighthold so please don’t be scared to put in an application.

Mythic Dragons!

We did it, we did it, we did it. All without Fuck Jr OR Wado. By the skin of our teeth we managed to do mechanics like a real guild and kill a boss. Now we begin the true test of the tier, Evil tree and Cenarius. We are hoping that within 3 weeks we have the rest of these bosses killed. Gotta clear fast and clear clean. Good job tonight guys, read up and be ready for the next boss!

Mythic Spider Bitch

As predicted, Elerethe Renferal fell over tonight after 20 or so pulls. We also only had 18 people in raid on the kill attempt. We’re good /s. Alright, Dragons of Nightmare are next on the list before we get to the first hard boss. Still looking for people please apply, love you.

Mythic Ursoc, finally..

After a 5% wipe the day before, we came in and killed it on our 5th attempt. Slow and steady, damn instance is taking forever cause we need a consistent group of 20 people. Once we have that the bosses will start falling over. Thanks again to the pugs that helped us get our second kill. Thanks to the strategy change suggestions from Fust and others.


We have Spider Bitch at 15% after only 10 attempts so it should die soon. Great job tonight and keep up the good work.

Mythic Nythendra

We did it after only 14 wipes and several PUGs from the server. Thanks a lot to everyone who helped out and we will see you soon with 2/7!