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guild fell apart

just so ya know

We are looking for a new website!

Hey guys, just wanted to put this out there to anybody reading or to anyone in the guild. We are currently trying to find someone who can redesign our website. We are also looking for someone who can edit our videos. If you are interested let me know and we can talk.

The Tyrant Took the Mount!

What can I say? We killed a boss? I wanna say thank you to everyone that helped us on this journey through Nighthold. Thank you for bringing this guild to another tier of accomplishment, another level of skill. We are leaps and bounds above our level of play even 2 months ago, let alone the beginning of the expansion. You guys are playing like mythic raiders. I can’t believe that this guild that Fust and I started at the beginning of Legion has come all this way and not fallen apart lol. We have done so well it feels like by pure virtue of not collapsing, and I’m fine with that. My plan for this guild as time goes on is to just improve. I want our guild to succeed, I want to clear content quickly and have time to enjoy the tier. Not just be on progression for 5 months, thats terrible. Lets go take down Tomb :).


Great job guys, as soon as Fust and I disconnect you decide to get your shit together. I’m sad I wasn’t there for the kill but it doesn’t matter, I’ll get it in a few weeks. Let’s kill Gul’dan I guess, idk.

The final push

Welp, on Monday like expected we killed Star Augur after like 45 attempts this week which is awesome. We now only have Elisande and Gul’dan left in the Nighthold. With Tomb of Sargeras looming on the horizon, we need to move quickly and kill these bosses so we can start farming those mounts tho. Overall great job guys for all the hard work you’ve been putting in over this past month, and thanks in advance for putting in even more hard work on these last couple bosses. They are going to be very difficult so we are gonna need to give them everything we have. Let’s finish this tier out in style and get ready for Tomb!

Lets fuckin go.

Alright listen up, we are now 7/10 Mythic with star augur at about 20% hp as of Thursday. Star Augur dies on Monday and then we have the final two to deal with. We have really kicked our asses in gear these past couple weeks killing 3 (about to be 4) new bosses. Time is short on finishing Nighthold before Tomb of Sargeras comes out but I think we might actually do it if we keep this up and stop playing like shit.


We are stilling recruiting to help us close out this tier and for Tomb of Sargeras so if you’re interested please check out the forums and put in an application!

Well, we killed Spellblade too.

15 attempts. Should have done that before tichondrius maybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Fester and Die Tichondrius

I would just like to say thank you to the former members of <PRE POT AT EIGHT> for helping us kill this boss. Last week we merged with them to bring our raid team to a new level and it definitely shows! Tichondrius is now dead and festering, and Spellblade is on the horizon, things are looking up. I’ll have the screenshot up shortly and we might have a video, not sure though. Still recruiting for the last push to Guldan and for Tomb of Sargeras! High need of melee DPS!

1% fucking burn him.

After too many 1% wipes on Krosus, he finally died tonight with about an hour and a half left in raid so we got some progress in on spellblade. SWEEEET. Looking forward to the next couple of bosses now that we have the wall out of the way. see you then.

Two for one Tuesda….Mondays!

Alright, took us long enough. What a cock block Chronomatic Anomaly was, our main* issue was the dps requirement needed, but really all it took was getting rid of a couple shitters so we could kill this boss *cough*. After killing the Genie within about 8 attempts we headed for Cake Boss and Christ is that boss a joke. First attempt we got him to 10% and 4 attempts later he was dead. Free bosses are free I guess, regardless we played well and I’m looking forward to┬áthe weeks to come with Krosus, Tichondrius, and Botanist next up on the chopping block. As always we are still looking for great members to add to our ranks, especially some top tier dps and a good healer. Check out the forums if you’re interested.