The Tyrant Took the Mount!

What can I say? We killed a boss? I wanna say thank you to everyone that helped us on this journey through Nighthold. Thank you for bringing this guild to another tier of accomplishment, another level of skill. We are leaps and bounds above our level of play even 2 months ago, let alone the beginning of the expansion. You guys are playing like mythic raiders. I can’t believe that this guild that Fust and I started at the beginning of Legion has come all this way and not fallen apart lol. We have done so well it feels like by pure virtue of not collapsing, and I’m fine with that. My plan for this guild as time goes on is to just improve. I want our guild to succeed, I want to clear content quickly and have time to enjoy the tier. Not just be on progression for 5 months, thats terrible. Lets go take down Tomb :).