Two for one Tuesda….Mondays!

Alright, took us long enough. What a cock block Chronomatic Anomaly was, our main* issue was the dps requirement needed, but really all it took was getting rid of a couple shitters so we could kill this boss *cough*. After killing the Genie within about 8 attempts we headed for Cake Boss and Christ is that boss a joke. First attempt we got him to 10% and 4 attempts later he was dead. Free bosses are free I guess, regardless we played well and I’m looking forward to┬áthe weeks to come with Krosus, Tichondrius, and Botanist next up on the chopping block. As always we are still looking for great members to add to our ranks, especially some top tier dps and a good healer. Check out the forums if you’re interested.